New desmid records from high mountain lakes in Artabel Lakes Nature Park, Gümüşhane, Turkey


Abstract: The algal flora of 17 lakes and 1 pond in the Artabel Lakes Nature Park were investigated during two summer seasons (2013 and 2016). In total, 26 desmid taxa were found and identified as new records for the desmid flora of Turkey based on their morphotaxonomic characteristics and ecological preferences. The taxa identified belong to the genera Actinotaenium (1), Closterium (1), Cosmarium (15), Micrasterias (1), Spondylosium (1), Staurastrum (5), Teilingia (1), and Tetmemorus (1). Morphotaxonomy, ecology, and distribution of each species were discussed in detail.

Keywords: Desmids, new records, high mountain lakes, Artabel Lakes Nature Park, Turkey

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