The Revision of the Section Dasyphyllium Bunge of the Genus Astragalus L. of Turkey

Authors: Zeki AYTAÇ

Abstract: The revision of the section Dasyphyllium Bunge of the genus Astragalus L. (Leguminosae ) in Turkey has been carried out. The section had 14 species in Turkey, but in this study it has been reduced to 9. A new subspecies (Astragalus densifolius Lam. subsp. ayashensis Aytaç et Ekim) and two new combinations (A. densifolius Lam. subsp. densifolius and subsp. amasiensis (Feryn) Aytaç et Ekim) have been decribed. In addition, it was concluded that A. eriophyllus Boiss. and A. macroscepus Boiss. are synonym with A. densifolius subsp. densifolius ; A. coadunatus Hub.-Mor. is synonym with A. densifolius subsp. amasiensis (Feryn) Aytaç et Ekim and A. berytius Bunge is synonymous with A. emarginatus Lab. The pollen grains are tricolparate, prolate to subprolate and ornamantation is reticulate. The chromosome number (2n) is 16.

Keywords: Turkey, Revision, Astragalus, Sect. Dasyphyllium, Morphology, Anatomy, Pollen, Chromosome.