Pollen Grains in Some Turkish Sempervivum L. (Crassulaceae)

Authors: Emel OYBAK, Münevver N. PINAR, Özden İNCEOĞLU

Abstract: The pollen morphology of 7 taxa in the genus Sempervivum L. (Crassulaceae) has been investigated using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The pollen grains of all Sempervivum taxa are similar, in that they are suboblate, spheroidal and tricolporate, with striate-rugulate ektexine sculpturing. The specimen of S. transcaucasicum Muirhead from Bayburt has more widely spaced supra-tectal ridges on the grain surface than other taxa.

Keywords: Pollen, Sempervivum, Crassulaceae.