The leaf anatomy of some Erica taxa native to Turkey


Abstract: There are 5 taxa of Erica L. growing in Turkey, 1 of which is endemic. These taxa are Erica arborea, E. manipuliflora, E. bocquetii, E. sicula subsp. libanotica and E. spiculifolia. In this study, microscopic characteristics of the leaves of 4 taxa native to Turkey are reported. Microscopic views of the transverse and surface sections of the leaves of each species were photographed and are described in detail. The leaves are channelled beneath or strongly revolute. The long, simple, and unicellular eglandular trichomes are located along the channel part of the lower surface of leaves. There are simple, unicellular, and usually short eglandular trichomes on the surface of the upper epidermis.

Keywords: Erica, leaf, anatomy, Ericaceae

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