A Contribution to the Fungal Flora of Tokat Province


Abstract: This study was conducted on specimens of macrofungi collected from Tokat province between 1998 and 2000. Five species belong to the class Ascomycetes and 54 to the class Basidiomycetes and they are as follows; Ascomycetes: Helvellaceae: 1, Morchellaceae: 3, Nectriaceae: 1, Basidiomycetes: Lycoperdaceae: 3, Sclerotermatacea: 1, Tremellaceae: 1, Ganodermataceae: 1, Rhizopogonaceae: 1, Polyporaceae: 8, Schizophyllaceae: 1, Nidulariaceae: 1, Pleurotaceae: 2, Boletaceae: 5, Tricholomataceae: 8, Agaricaceae: 9, Coprinaceae: 7, Strophariaceae: 1, Cortinariaceae: 2, Russulaceae: 3. Coprinus fimetarius (L.) Fr., Coprinus silvaticus (L.: Fr.) Fr., and Cortinarius violaceus (L.: Fr.) Fr. are new records for Turkish mycoflora.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Macrofungi, Tokat, Turkey, New records

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