A Study on the Ground Layer Species Composition in Rocky, Roadside and Forest Habitats in Trabzon Province


Abstract: In this study, the ground layer species growing in altitudinal zones from sea level to high mountains were investigated according to their distribution, floristic composition and some habitat characteristics in the province of Trabzon in the north-eastern Black Sea region. Surveyed over four growing seasons (1994-1997), 285 taxa from 44 families were recorded in the Değirmendere and Solaklı Çayı river basins in Trabzon. The floristic composition based on species occurrence and cover, together with environmental data, was assessed in rocky, roadside and forest habitats along three altitudinal zones. As a result of the floristic analysis, 213 species in rocky, 141 species in roadsides and 94 species in forest sites were recorded from a total of 205 sampling plots. While similarities related to the species cover in floristic tables of plots were demonstrated by cluster analysis, the relations between plant species composition and some habitat features were discussed according to the ordination method.

Keywords: Ground layer species, Trabzon, floristic composition, habitat

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