Liverworts ( Marchantiopsida) of the Altindere Valley National Park

Authors: İsa GÖKLER

Abstract: This investigation covers studies undertaken on the liverworts of the Altındere Valley National Park, including the historical Sumela Meryemana Monastery located in the town of Maçka, province of Trabzon. As a result, 33 species belonging to 16 families of the class Marchantiopsida (Hepaticae) of the division Bryophyta have been identified. Of these, Porella arboris-vitae (With.) Grolle, P. cordaeana (Hüb.) Moore, P. obtusata (Tayl.) Trev. and Lejeunea lamacerina (Steph.) Schiffn. are reported for the first time from the A4 square of Turkey.

Keywords: Liverworts, Marchantiopsida, Hepaticae.

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