Phytosociological and Ecological Structure of Fraxinus Angustifolia Subsp. oxycarpa Forests in the Central Black Sea Region

Authors: Hamdi Güray KUTBAY, Mahmut KILINÇ, Ali KANDEMİR

Abstract: Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. subsp. oxycarpa (Bieb. ex Willd). Franco & Rocha Afonso forests formed pure stands along the alluvial delta of the Central Black Sea Region. These forests represent hygrophyllous azonal formations. This species usually forms mixed stands with other deciduous species in other regions. In this study the phytosociological structure and soil characteristics of F. angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa forests were investigated. Nutrient concentrations in the leaves of the dominant species F. angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa were also studied during mid-growing season and senescence. It was determined that nutrient concentrations tended to decrease during senescence.

Keywords: Fraximus angustifolia Vahl. subsp. oxcarpa (Bieb. ex Willd) Franco & Afonso, Hydromorphic Alluvial Soils, Phytosociology.

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