Pollen Flora of Pakistan - XI. Leguminosae (Subfamily: Mimosoideae)

Authors: Anjum PERVEEN, Mohammad QAISER

Abstract: The pollen morphology of 14 species representing 5 genera of the subfamily Mimosoideae from Pakistan has been examined using light and scanning electron microscopy. Mimosoideae are eurypalynous subfamily. The pollen grains are united (polyads) or free. Single grains are tricolporate and triangular - trilobed. The pollen morphology of the subfamily is significantly useful at generic and tribal level. The 3 pollen types recognized ie, Acacia nilotica - type, Mimlosa hamata - type and Prosopis juliflora - type, correspond closely with tribal classifications.

Keywords: Pollen morphology, Leguminosae: Mimosoideae, Flora, Pakistan

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