Advances to the taxonomic knowledge of Plantago subulata (Plantago sect. Maritima, Plantaginaceae)


Abstract: Plantago sect. Maritima is a group of Mediterranean narrow-leaved plantains whose taxonomy and nomenclature are particularly complex and still unresolved. This work has the objective of advancing the taxonomic knowledge of this section by revising and presenting novelties for the synonymy of P. subulata, including the lectotypification of four names with recent usage (since 1985) within this group: P. sarda, P. subulata var. atlantis, P. subulata var. granatensis, and P. subulata var. insularis. Furthermore, two synonymizations are newly proposed, and the situation of two Plantago species names published by Nyman in 1881 in his Conspectus Floræ Europææ is clarified.

Keywords: Mediterranean, Plantagineae, Plantago sarda, synonymization, typification

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