The taxonomic revision of Alcea and Althaea (Malvaceae) in Turkey


Abstract: Alcea L. is represented by 18 species and Althaea L. by 4 species in the Flora of Turkey. Seventeen species of Alcea and all species of Althaea were collected. One new cultivated record of Alcea was added. Contrary to the Flora of Turkey, the endemicity of Alcea apterocarpa (Fenzl) Boiss., Alcea calvertii (Boiss.) Boiss., and Alcea fasciculiflora Zohary has not been proved. The threat category of Alcea fasciculiflora and Alcea pisidica Hub.-Mor. has been changed to CR, while they were placed in DD according to the Red Data Book of Turkish Plants. As a result of this study, determination keys, detailed descriptions, and illustrations of Alcea and Althaea species are presented. Phytogeographical regions of all taxa are suggested.

Keywords: Revision, Alcea, Althaea, Malvaceae, Turkey

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