The Flora of Dörtyol and Erzin District of Hatay Province in Turkey

Authors: Necattin TÜRKMEN, Atabay DÜZENLİ

Abstract: The plants listed in this study were collected in the districts of Dörtyol and Erzin (Hatay) between 1989 and 1992. The study area, situated at the middle of Amanos Mountains, has a climate typical of its topographic structure and geographical position in the Mediterranean region. During floristic studies, 629 vascular plant taxa, belonging to 328 genera and 98 families were de-termined. The distribution of these taxa according to phytogeographic regions are as follows: 29.9% Mediterranean, 10.3% Euro-Siberian, 5.8% Irano-Turanian and 54.0% cosmopolitan and unknown. The number of endemic taxa are 47 (15 of them is local en-demic) and the endemism rate is 7.5%.

Keywords: Flora, Amanos Mountains, Phytogeographical Region.

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