Nonvolatile Acid Composition During Fruit Development of Diospyros lotus L.

Authors: F. Ahmet AYAZ, Asım KADIOĞLU

Abstract: Changes in nonvolatile acid contents during fruit development of Diospyros lotus L ( Ebenaceae) were studied. Suc-cinic, furmaric, malic, citric and azelaic acids were identified and quantified by gas chromatography. The quantities of all acids varied significantly during the fruit development. Malic and citric acids were generally predominant in all development stages. During havesting time (on day 331), fumaric acid was the most abundant acid in the fruits. Quantities of malic, succinic, fu-maric and citric acids (except azelaic acid) were found to be the highest in September (on day 271).

Keywords: Nonvolatile acids, Diospyros lotus, fruit development.

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