Cicer uludereensis Dönmez: a new species of Cicer (Chickpea) (Fabaceae) from around the Fertile Crescent, SE Turkey


Abstract: The genus Cicer L. includes an important crop plant, chickpea, which has been used as a protein source since prehistoric times. Specimens of a native Cicer have been collected and described from south-east Turkey. This new species, Cicer uludereensis Dönmez sp. nova, is distinct from a closely allied species, Cicer isauricum P.H.Davis, by its fine and more numerous teeth per leaflet, larger stipules, and narrower fruit with almost smooth seed surface. An illustration and a distribution map of the new species are provided and observations on the population are discussed.

Keywords: Chickpea, Cicer, IUCN, systematics, taxonomy, the Fertile Crescent, Turkey

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