The Macrofungi of Van Province (Turkey)

Authors: Kenan DEMİREL

Abstract: Some macrofungi specimens have been collected around the Van province between 1990 and 1993. A list of the species identified is given. The distribution of the species into families is as follows: Bolbitiaceae 7; Pleurotaceae and Coprinaceae 6; Polyporaceae 5; Morchellaceae Tricholomataceae and Cortinariaceae 4; Pluteaceae and Agaricaceae 3; Lepiotaceae and Hymenochaetaceae 2; Lycoperdaceae, Hygrophoraceae, Strophoriaceae and Schizophyllaceae 1. Totally, 50 taxa belonging to 15 families and 32 genera were determined in the district. Of these, 20 taxa are new records for the macrofungi flora of Turkey. Eighteen of them are at the species and 2 of them are at the genus level.

Keywords: Mushroom flora, Mycology, Van, Turkey