Taxonomy and Distribution of Punctariales (Phaeophyta) Members on Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts of Turkey

Authors: Mehmet ÖZTÜRK

Abstract: This investigation embodies the taxonomy and the distribution of the members of Punctariales collected from 25 stations selected along the upper-infralittoral zone of the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. From the specimens collected, 1 species belonging to the Giraudyaceae; 1 to the Stictyosiphonaceae; 1 to the Striariaceae; 2 to the Punctariaceae; and 3 to the Asperococcaceae; 2 to the Punctariaceae; and 3 to the Asperococcaceae have been determined. These are as follows : Giraudya sphacelarioides Derbes et Solier, Stictyosiphon adriaticus Kütz, Striaria attenuata (C. Ag.) Greville, Punctaria latifolia Greville, Punctaria hiemalis Kylin, Asperococcus bullosus Lam., Asperococcus echinatus Greville and Haloglossum compressum Sauvageau respectively.

Keywords: Punctariales, Taxsonomy, Algae.