The Flora of Ahırdağı (Afyonkarahisar) and its Environs


Abstract: The flora of Ahırdağı was investigated between 1996 and 2000. In the vegetation periods, a total of 965 plant specimens were collected. At the end of the study 603 taxa at species and subspecies ranks belonging to 299 genera and 80 families had been determined. Seventy-nine taxa are endemic, and the ratio is 13.10 %. The phytogeographical spectra of the species are as follows: Mediterranean 13.10 %, Irano-Turanian 11.61 %, Euro-Siberian 11.61 % and phytogeographically unknown 63.68 %. Threatened categories were proposed for the 79 endemic taxa according to IUCN categories.

Keywords: Flora, Ahırdağı, Afyon, Turkey

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