Pollen Morphology of the Turkish Romulea Maratti (Iridaceae)


Abstract: Pollen morphology of the Turkish Romulea Maratti taxa (Iridaceae) was examined using light and scanning electron microscopy. The taxa are similar in some aspects, such as pollen size and spinulate-microperforate exine sculpturing. Most taxa are monosulcate; however, in 2 taxa, R. bulbocodium (L.) Seb. & Mauri var. crocea (Boiss & Heldr.) Baker and var. leichtliniana (Heldr. ex Hal.) Bég., growing sporadically in south-western Turkey, the existence of pollen type variability (monosulcate, disulcate, trisulcate, trisynsulcate, tetrasulcate, penta-aperturate (with longer and shorter sulci), and monoporate) from single pollen sacs was recorded for the first time. In addition, aperture morphology was found to be variable within most taxa; operculate with 2 bands (bands are free or joined), operculate with 1 band (band is straight or curved), operculate with a circular band, or occasionally insulate.

Keywords: Iridaceae, Romulea, pollen morphology, Turkey

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