Ferula parva Freyn & Bornm. (Apiaceae): A Contribution to an Enigmatic Species from Turkey


Abstract: Ferula parva Freyn & Bornm. was first collected from Central Anatolia (Turkey B5 Kayseri-Yozgat in declivibus apricis inter Kayseri et Yozgat, 1890) by Bornmüller. No specimens belonging to this species have been collected since the type and Andrasovszky specimens. When the Flora of Turkey was being prepared, Dr. H. Peşmen considered this species imperfectly known; therefore, it was not included in the keys. In the present paper, diagnostic morphological characters are discussed. In addition, its ecology, conservation status, SEM photographs of the surface of mericarps, and chromosome numbers are presented.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Umbelliferae, Anatolia, Chromosome number

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