Net Diatom (Bacillariophyceae) Flora of Lake Gölköy (Bolu)


Abstract: The diatom flora of Lake Gölköy was studied monthly over 2 years (June 2003-June 2005) from 3 littoral and 2 vertical stations in Lake Gölköy (Bolu, Turkey). A total of 119 diatom taxa were identified, most of them belonging to Naviculaceae (48.7%) Kützing, Fragilariceae (16.8%) Hustedt, Surirellaceae (11.8%) Kützing, and Bacillariaceae (6.7%) Ehrenberg, from which many species (Asterionella formosa Hassall, Aulacoseria granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen, Cyclotella praetermis Lund, Cymbella cistula Kirchner, Fragilaria biceps (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot, F. crotonensis Kitton, F. dilata (Brebisson) Lange-Bertalot, Navicula radiosa Kützing, and Nitzschia sigmoidae (Nitzsch) Smith) were found each month at all stations. Species richness was especially high in the autumn (November-December 2003 and September-October 2004) during the study periods.

Keywords: Lake Gölköy, Diatom, Systematic, Species diversity

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