Flora of the Natural Conservation Area in Adana-Yumurtalık Lagoon (Turkey)


Abstract: This study includes the natural and cultivated plants in the Natural Conservation Area in Yumurtalık Lagoon. In an evalution of 450 herbarium specimens collected from this area in 1997 and 1998, a total of 186 genera and 234 species belonging to 65 families were identified: 223 of the 234 species are natural and 11 are cultivated. Three of the 234 taxa are endemics (1.3%), 26 taxa (11.6%) are Mediterranean elements, 13 taxa (5.8%) are East Mediterranean elements, 6 taxa (2.6%) are Irano-Turanian elements, 5 taxa (2.2%) are Euro-Siberian elements, and 1 taxon (0.4%) is a Hyrcano-Euxine element. The other 172 taxa (77.1%) are either cosmopolitan or in the category of undetermined phytogeographical regions.

Keywords: Flora, Adana, Karataş, Yumurtalık Lagoon

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