New morphological characters for some Erysimum (Brassicaceae) species


Abstract: Trichome shapes were investigated on the outer and inner surfaces of fruit valves of 43 species of Erysimum L., 20 of which are endemic to Turkey, by light microscopy (LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Five species, Erysimum sorgerae Polatschek., E. huber-morathii Polatschek, E. cheiri (L.) Crantz, E. repandum L. and E. vuralii Yild. were identified, in which there are trichomes on the inner surface of fruit valves, which was determined for the first time in these species. Two morphological distinct types of trichomes were observed on the inner surfaces of the fruit valves of E. huber-morathii and E. repandum, and more than 8-rayed and branched trichomes. Electron micrographs of these species were obtained.

Keywords: Brassicaceae, Erysimum, indumentum types, SEM, Turkey

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