In vitro Regeneration of Sandal (Santalum album L.) from Leaves


Abstract: The first successful induction of adventitious shoot buds on Santalum album L. leaves is reported. De novo shoots were induced directly on leaves without any callusing stage. A leaf length of 0.5-1.5 cm only showed bud inducing potential. Bud formation occurred on both MS and WPM basal media, although, liquid media were more responsive. Among the plant growth regulators, BAP at low concentrations (0.44 and 2.22 µM) was effective in this organogenetic process but exogenous auxin application failed to illicit a similar morphogenetic response. Epiphyllous shoot formation was more pronounced on leaf lamina in which the dorsal and ventral leaf surfaces were equally highly regenerative; the response, however, varied in different parts of the leaf.

Keywords: Woody plant medium, BAP, Shoot bud, Santalum album

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