Contributions to the Flora of the Western Part of Istranca Mountains (Kırklareli/Thrace Region)


Abstract: This study was carried out for to contribute to the flora of Istranca (Yildiz) Mountains Iying from northwest to southeast on the north of Thrace Region between 1996-1997. The study area is placed in A1 (E) square in grid system adopted DAVIS and in Euro-Siberian phytogeographical region. According to the results of this study; 321 taxa belonging to 219 genera and 65 families were recorded. Among these taxa, there are 4 Pteridophytes and 317 Spermatophytes (253 Dicotyledones and 64 Monocotyledones). The largest families are as follows: Poaceae 38 taxa (11.83%), Asteraceae 35 taxa (10.90%) and Lamiaceae 21 taxa (6.54%). The distribution of the taxa according to the phytogeographical regions is as follows: Euro-Siberian: 24.92%; Meditteranean: 8.09%; East Mediterranean: 3.73; Euxine: 2.18; Irano-Turanian: 0.93%; Hyrcano-Euxine: 0.31% and unknown: 59.81%. 10 of total taxa (3.11%) are cosmopolitan whilst 2 are endemic (0.62%). 9 of total taxa are new records for Thrace Region, whilst 5 are for A1 square.

Keywords: Istranca Mountains, flora.

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