Muscari elmasii sp. nova (Asparagaceae): a new species from western Anatolia, Turkey


Abstract: Muscari elmasii Yıldırım (Asparagaceae) is described as a new species to science. It is endemic to the western Anatolia region of Turkey. M. elmasii is known from a single locality in Muğla Province. It is related to M. weissii and M. massayamum by morphological features and shows some similarities in terms of morphological characters and the same distribution area to M. mirum. Diagnostic morphological characters are discussed and compared with those of related taxa. It is easily distinguished from related species by its especially sessile or subsessile and mostly pinkish flowers; relatively longer, cylindrical with sharply-angled shoulder perigon tube; yellowish-green lobes; and relatively bigger fruit.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Muscari, Muğla, Turkey

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