A new bryophyte community and three new records for the epiphytic bryophyte vegetation of Turkey


Abstract: Based on 38 relevés, the Lewinskyetum affinis ass. nov. (Ulotion crispae alliance) was described and characterized as a new epiphytic association from the Abant Mountains (Northwest Turkey). To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report about three epiphytic bryophyte associations, namely Dicranetum taurici, Pterigynandretum filiformis, and Orthotricho straminei-Pterigynandretum filiformis, in Turkey. In addition, multivariate analysis techniques such as two-way indicator species analysis (TWINSPAN) and detrended correspondence analysis (DECORANA) were used to examine epiphytic bryophyte communities for cluster analysis and ordination analysis, respectively.

Keywords: Abant Mountains, bryophyte, Bolu, epiphytic vegetation, Turkey

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