Species composition and distribution of centric diatoms from Türkmen Mountain (Sakarya River Basin/Turkey)


Abstract: Diatoms are used for monitoring the environmental conditions of water. We have little information about centric diatoms in Turkish freshwaters. A total of 50 samples were collected from some springs and small streams of Türkmen Mountain. As a result, 7 species [Cyclotella meneghiniana Kützing, C. ocellata Pantocsek, Cyclostephanos dubius (Fricke) Round, Handmannia balatonis (Pantocsek) Kulikovskiy & Solak comb. nov., Melosira varians Agardh, Stephanodiscus hantzschii Grunow, and S. minutulus (Kützing) Cleve & Möller] were identified, and we also suggest in this study that a new combination for Cyclotella balatonis Pantocsek should be Handmannia balatonis comb. nov. and for C. praetermissa Lund should be Handmannia praetermissa comb. nov.

Keywords: Centric diatoms, Handmannia, Türkmen Mountain, Turkey

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