Pollen Flora of Pakistan -XIX. Aizoaceae


Abstract: The pollen morphology of 7 species belonging to the 7 genera of the family Aizoaceaewas investigated by light microscope and scanning microscope. It is stenopalynous in nature. Pollen grains are usually radially symmetrical, isopolar, oblate-spheroidal to prolate-spheroidal, rarely sub-prolate, tricolpate, colpi long, with tapering ends, colpal membrane granulate. Sexine slightly thinner or thicker then nexine, rarely thicker at the polar reqion than at the equator. Tectum scabrate-punctate or spinulose. On the basis of exine ornamentation 2 distinct pollen types are recognized, namely, the Zaleya pentandra type and the Aizoon canariense type.

Keywords: Pollen morphology, Aizoaceae, Pakistan Flora

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