Metacordyceps dhauladharensis sp. nov., a new entomopathogenic fungus from India


Abstract: This paper describes a new species of Clavicipitaceae fungi belonging to the genus Metacordyceps G.H. Sung, J.M. Sung, Hywel-Jones and Spatafora, defined as Metacordyceps dhauladharensis sp. Nov., from India. The diagnostic features of this new species are stipitate stromata of brownish color and an elongated fertile head on a Hymenopteran host. The perithecium size of this species was measured as 152-257 × 65-72 µm, and the asci were measured as 30-48 µm in length and 2.5 µm in breadth. Based on molecular studies, the sequence of 469 bp of this species showed only 86% homology with Metacordyceps indigotica (Kobayasi and Shimizu) Kepler, G.H. Sung and Spatafora.

Keywords: Entomopathogenic fungi, Metacordyceps, ITS1-5.8S-ITS2, new species

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