Six new genus records for Turkish Pezizales from Gaziantep Province


Abstract: The genera Hypotarzetta Donadini, Pseudombrophila Boud., Pustularia Bonord., Pyronema Carus, Tricharina Eckblad (Pyronemataceae Corda), and Thecotheus Boud. (Ascobolaceae Boud. Ex Sacc.) are recorded from Turkey for the first time based on the collections of Hypotarzetta insignis (Berthet and Riousset) Donadini, Pseudombrophila merdaria (Fr.) Brumm., Pustularia patavina (Cooke and Sacc.) Boud., Pyronema omphalodes (Bull.: Fr.) Fuckel, Tricharina gilva (Boud. Ex Cooke) Eckblad, and Thecotheus pelletieri (P. Crouan and H. Crouan) Boud., respectively. Short descriptions and photographs of the taxa related to their macro- and micromorphologies are provided.

Keywords: Ascomycota, biodiversity, macrofungi, new records

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