Scilla bilgineri (Asparagaceae: Scilloideae): a new species of Scilla L. from eastern Turkey


Abstract: Scilla bilgineri Yıldırım (Asparagaceae) is described here as a new species. Diagnostic morphological characters, a full description, and detailed illustrations are provided on the basis of the type specimens and observations of wild populations. The new species is characterized by whitish to very pale lilac tepals, variegated ovary; style 5-6 mm long; oblong, straw to pale yellow and cucullate seed; pale creamy-white elaiosome, which is adherent to the testa; and pinkish to reddish, fleshy bulb scales. It belongs to Scilla bifolia agg. and is related to S. bifolia and S. albinerve within. It is easily distinguished from all other species on the basis of these morphological characters.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Scilla, Adıyaman, Turkey

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