The Flora of the Agricultural Areas in Enez (Edirne) and Environs

Authors: Mesut KİREÇ, Celal YARCI

Abstract: This work was carried out in the agricultural areas of Enez (Edirne) and environs. The study area has suitable conditions for plant species richness such as different microclimates, soils, and intensive agricultural activities. A total of 150 taxa were identi-fied belonging to Pteridophyta (2), and Spermatophyta (148). Of these, 118 taxa of Spermatophyta are in Dicotytedoneae and 30 taxa are in Monocotyledoneae. The results show that 8 taxa are new records, 1 for Thrace, 5 for A1 square and 2 for European part of A1 square.

Keywords: Enez, agricultural areas, flora

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