The Morphological, Anatomical and Karyological Properties of Salvia sclarea L.

Authors: Canan ÖZDEMİR, Gülcan ŞENEL

Abstract: The morphological, anatomical and karyological properties of Salvia sclarea L. were investigated. In addition, glandular and eglandular hairs were examined and classified. In the morphological study it was observed that the species have a perennial root system. The herbaceous stem is rectangular. Leaves are simple. Glandular and eglandular hairs are present on both surfaces of the leaves. Inflorescence is compound raceme. In anatomical studies, the internal morphological features of root, stem, leaf, petiole and flower were determined. The chromosome morphology of this species was examined and the diploid chromosome number was found to be 2n=22.

Keywords: Salvia sclarea, Morphology, Anatomy, Karyology

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