Vascular Flora of Forest Vegetation in Altındere Valley (Maçka-Trabzon)


Abstract: The vascular flora of forest vegetation in Altındere Valley (Maçka-Trabzon) was investigated. The study was conducted between 2001 and 2002, during which time 1200 plant samples were collected. In all, 383 vascular taxa belonging to 246 genera and 84 families were identified. The richest family was Asteraceae (35, 9.1%), followed by Lamiaceae (27, 7.0%) and Fabaceae (23, 6.0%). Additionally, the richest genus was Campanula L. (7, 1.82%), followed by Trifolium L. (6, 1.56%) and Acer L. (6, 1.56%). The phytogeographical regions of 209 (54.56%) taxa were determined. The distribution of taxa within the phytogeographical regions was as follows: Euro-Siberian elements (184, 48.04%), Irano-Turanian elements (14, 3.66%), and Mediterranean elements (11, 2.87%). The number of endemic plants found was 16 (4.2%), while 7 (1.8%) rare plants, whose threat categories according to IUCN were added to floristic list, were found.

Keywords: Altındere Valley, Flora, National Park, Trabzon, Turkey

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