A new species of Hygrophorus, H. yadigarii sp. nov. (Hygrophoraceae), with an isolated systematic position within the genus from the Colchic part of Turkey


Abstract: Hygrophorus yadigarii (Hygrophoraceae/Basidiomycota) is described as a new species for science based on basidiomata collected from Maçka, Trabzon, Turkey. The new taxon is quite different even from the closest relatives, easily distinguished by the other species because of its grayish to ash-colored, gregarious to subcaespitose, sticky basidioma; a slightly umbonate to depressed pileus; a cylindrical to clavate, grayish stipe; ellipsoid and smooth basidiospores; quite long basidia; clavate, cylindrical or narrowly utriform, apically pyriform or strangulated cheilocystidia; and gelatinous pileipellis. A description with field and micromorphological illustrations, a phylogenetic tree, a simple key, a comparison chart including similar species, and a short discussion are provided.

Keywords: Colchic, Hygrophorus, Maçka, new species, Trabzon

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