A Study on the Benthic Algae of Uzungöl (Trabzon)

Authors: Bülent ŞAHİN

Abstract: The composition of the benthic algal communities and seasonal changes in the densities of the epipelic algae of Uzungöl Lake from April, 1991, to March, 1993, were studied. While the maximum density of the epipelic community was found to be 131111 cells/cm 2 at station I in April, 1991 the maximum density at station II in November, 1991, was 64581 cells/cm 2 . Bacillariophyta was dominant in the benthic algal population. The main epipelic diatoms were Amphora ovalis Kütz. (Cym-bellaceae), Ceratoneis arcus Kütz. (Fragilariaceae), Cymbella minuta Hilse ex Rabh. (Cymbellaceae), Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kütz.) and Grun. and N. radiosa Kütz. (Naviculaceae).

Keywords: Epipelic, Epilithic, Epiphytic, Seasonal changes, Lake.

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