A Quantitative and Qualitative Study on the Benthic Algal Flora of Palandöken Pond


Abstract: In this study, the composition and density of the benthic algae and seasonal variations of the benthic algae of Palandöken Pond were determined between September 1990 and September 1992. Samples were collected from two previously selected sampling sites. It was found that Bacillariophyta was the dominant benthic algal group in this pond. During our investigation a total of 160 taxa were identified and 135 them were composed of epipelic algae. The percentages of algal groups were as follows: Bacillariophyta 57%, Cholorphyta 11% and Euglenophyta5%. It was found that there were plenty of epipelic algal species living together with epiphytic and epilitic algal communities. Chlorophytaand Cyonophytawere found more commonly in these communities. It was seen that in our research area there was a dominancy of the diatom population which prefers slightly alkaline water and calcareous sediments.

Keywords: Pond, Benthic algae, Seasonal variations.

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