A Quantitative and Qualitative Study on the Phytoplankton of Palandöken Pond


Abstract: In this research, the phytoplankton community of Palandöken pond was investigated quantitatively and qualitatively in samples taken vertically from the surface to 10 m depth between October 1990 and October 1992. The physical and chemical properties of the pond water were also determined. 99 taxa were determined in the phytoplankton and the proportions of them were as follows: Bacillariophyta 79%, Chlorophyta 10%, Cynophyta 6%, Euglenophyta 5%. The phytoplankton generally increased in the spring and early fall whereas in the summer and late fall it decreased. Physical factors had the greatest effect on phytoplankton growth.

Keywords: Phytoplankton density, seasonal change.

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