Combined Effects of Endosulfan, Dimethoate and Carbaryl on Serum Calcium Levels and Heart Muscle of Rats

Authors: Güldeniz ÖZMEN, E. Arzu ELCÜMAN

Abstract: In this study, combination of low [acceptable daily intake (ADI)] and high (10xADI) doses of endosulfan, dimethoate and carbarly were administrated orally to the male rats for 3.5 months. Serum calcium levels of rats in all groups were determined. At the same time, whether or not there was calcification in heart muscle of rats in all groups were investigated histochemically. Serum calcium levels of rats treated with high dose of endosulfan+carbaryl and dimethoate+carbaryl mixture decreased significantly in comparison with controls. Calcification was not found in heart muscle tissues of the rats in all groups according to the results of histochemical analysis.

Keywords: Pesticide, Rat, Heart, Calcium Level

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