Fine Structure of A-type Neurosecretory Cells in Abscisic Acid Treated Locusta migratoriaL. (Orthoptera)

Authors: Önder DEVECİ

Abstract: Fine structure of A-type neurosecretory cells was investigated in the adult males of Locusta migratoria in solitary phase. The cells were surrounded by glial cell processes and contained electron dense granules of 257 nm in an average diameter. Most of the granules were alongated but some were spherical. In control group insects, regular narrow channels of rough surfaced endoplasmic reticulum were evident in the peripheral parts of the cells. Golgi complexes were observed with electron dense material within its vacuoles and vesicles. The number of stored granules were not abundant and large empty areas were observed in the cells. In abscisic acid treated insects, the number of well developed Golgi complexes together with electron dense material within the parallel membranes, vesicles and vac-uoles was increased. A number of rough surfaced endoplasmic reticulum channels were found mostly around the nucleus as ordered membranes. Abundant neurosecretory granules were scattered throught the cells.

Keywords: Neurosectetory cells, Abscisic acid, Fine structure, Locusta migratoria.

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