Nitrifying Bacterial Activity In South Eastern Black Sea (Coast of Sürmene)

Authors: Nüket SİVRİ, Hikmet KARAÇAM, Muzaffer FEYZİOĞLU

Abstract: In this, some physico-chemical properties of seawater and their relationships with nitrification process were studied. Monthly water samples were taken at 9 stations (40^0 11' 19"-40^0 15' 47" E, 40^0 55' 26", 40^0 58' 00" N) along Sürmene coastline of South Eastern Black Sea during the period of December 1992 to August 1994. Temperature, dissolved oxygen, NO_3 - -N, NO_2 - -N and PO_4 -3 -P values were varied between 6.5-25.9^0C, 6.9-9.1 mg/l, 0.378-0.5 mg/l, 0.023-0.047 mg/l, 0.0055-0.0455 mg/l respectively. Most probable number of Nitrosococcus and Nitrobacter were 12-32 cell/100 ml and 12-29 cell/100 ml. There were significant relationships between number of Nitrosococcus and NO _3 - -N, NO _2 - -N, PO _{4-3} -P values. Nutrient concentrations (NO _3 - -N, NO 2 - -N, PO_{4-3} -P) and niftrification process suggest that the study area appears to be quite productive.

Keywords: Nitrification, Nitrifying bacteria, Nutrients, Eastern Black Sea.

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