Electrophoretic Aspects of Blood Serum Proteins of the Genus Apodemus in the Black Sea Region


Abstract: Globulin and albumin proteins of Apodemus populations in the Black Sea region were examined using SDS-PAGE (sodium dodecyl sulphate - polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). There were 7-11 bands in the globulin region and 1-3 bands in the prealbumin zone. It was determined that there were variations in both the globulin region and the prealbumin zone in populations of this genus. A band was observed in the postalbumin zone with different electrophoretic mobilities including slow and fast. This different mobility in the postalbumin zone separated Apodemus specimens into two different populations in sympatry. These findings showed that at least two populations of the genus Apodemus live in the Black Sea region instead of one.

Keywords: Apodemus, albumin, globulin, SDS-PAGE, Black Sea region

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