Cultural Characteristics of Morchella esculenta Mycelium on Some Nutrients


Abstract: The cultural characteristics of Morchella esculenta mycelium were investigated in potato dextrose agar, malt extract agar and complete medium yeast plates prepared with casein (cas), Casamino Acids (caa), peptone (p) and sodium nitrate (NaNO 3 ). Aerial and vegetative mycelium types were determined in the agar media with cas, caa and p. The third colonial characteristic was observed in the agar media with NaNO 3 . In this media, a colonization increase in circular forms spreading from the centre to the edges was determined. Mycelium colonization periods were 20-24 days in agar media with NaNO 3 .

Keywords: Cultural characteristics, Morchella esculenta, mycelia development, nutritious.

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