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Sampling statistics for development of a sampling plan for adult Sunn Pest, Eurygaster integriceps Puton, in their overwintering habitat were generated based on numbers of live and total adults in 1 to 4 litter samples per tree. Taylor's power law was used to estimate optimum sample size, critical stop lines for sequential sampling and a sequential difference test. Sunn Pest were found primarily nearer to tree boles and had an aggregated distribution among trees. There was more statistical and practical advantage to taking 1 sample per tree and increasing the number of trees sampled, rather than in increasing the number of samples taken around a tree. With 1 litter sample (0.5m x 1m) per tree and 25% precision a minimum of 15 trees should be sampled if populations average 30 per tree; if populations average 1 per tree then 55 trees should be sampled. Our results suggest the feasibility of sampling Sunn Pest in its overwintering site. The reliability of the sampling statistics and planned approach to sample collection require further validation.


Sunn Pest, Eurygaster integriceps, sampling, overwintering sites.

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