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This study was conducted to determine the effects of various nitrogen sources and different nitrogen rates on yield and the yield components of the Saraybosna cultivar under the ecological conditions of Bursa plain. The field experiment was established in randomized block design with four replications at the Experimental Farm of Agrucultural Faculty, Uludağ University. Four different nitrogen fertilizers (Amonium nitrate, 26 % N; Ammonium sulphate, 21 % N; Urea, 46 % N; Compound fertilizer (25:5:0) were applied to the plots at five levels (0, 8, 12, 16 and 20 kg N/da) at three different stages. According to the results obtained, the effects of the nitrogen fertilezers on yield and the yield components were not to be effective, generally. Nitrogen doses significantly effected yield and yield components and it was found that 12 to 16 kg of N per decare was adequate.

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