Turk J Agric For
E-ISSN: 1303-6173
ISSN: 1300-011X
Year: 1998 Volume: 22 Number: 6
  1. Response to Inoculation and Sowing Date of Soybean Under Bafra Plain Conditions in the Northern Region of Turkey
    Nevzat USLU, Enver ESENDAL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 525-532
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  2. Cultivar, Weed and Row Spacing Effects on Some Agronomic Characters of Safflower ( Carthamus tinctorius L.) in Spring Planting
    Nevzat USLU, Ali AKIN, M. Basri HALİTLİGİL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 533-536
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  3. Drug Yield and Essential Oil of Thymus vulgaris L. as in Influenced by Ecological and Ontogenetical Variation
    Mensure ÖZGÜVEN, Sezen TANSI
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 537-542
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  4. Investigations on Repellent and Insecticidal Effects of Xanthium strumarium L. on Colorado Potato Beetle Leptinotrasa decemlineata Say (Col: Chrysomelidae)
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 543-552
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  5. Anther Culture Potential of Linseed ( Linum usitatissimumL.): Effects of Genotypes and Pretreatment on Callus Formation and Differentiation
    Orhan KURT, Gareth. M. EVANS
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 553-560
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  6. Response of Apis mellifera syriacaand A. m. armeniacato Nectar Variations: Implications for Agriculture
    İbrahim ÇAKMAK, Harrington WELLS, Çetin FIRATLI
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 561-572
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  7. A Study on the Lipase-Catalayzed Esterification in Organic Solvent
    Mustafa Ümit ÜNAL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 573-578
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  8. Studies on the Effectiveness of Spreader-Sticker Added Diniconazole Against Rust ( Phragmidium mucronatum(Pers) Schlecht) on Oil-Bearing Roses in Isparta Province
    H. Murat AKSOY, Y. Zekâi KATICIOĞLU
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 579-584
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  9. Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilization on the Yield and Nutrient Status of Rice Crop Grown on Artificial Siltation Soil From the Kelkit River
    A. Reşit BROHİ, M. Rüştü KARAMAN, Arif AKTAS, Erdinç SAVAŞLI
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 585-592
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  10. Determination of the Utilization of Nitrogen From Tobacco Waste By Wheat Crop With ^15 N Tracer Technique
    A. Reşit BROHİ, M. Rüştü KARAMAN, Akgün AYDENIZ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 593-600
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  11. The Opportunities of Using Mushroom Compost Waste in Strawberry Growing
    Ahsen Işık ÖZGÜVEN
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 601-608
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  12. Host Penetration and Infection by the Anastomosis Groups of Rhizoctonia solaniKühn Isolated from Potatoes
    Erkol DEMİRCİ, M. Timur DÖKEN
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 609-614
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  13. Assessment of Response to Drought Stress of Chickpea (Cicer arietinumL.) Lines Under Rainfed Conditions
    Cengiz TOKER, M. İlhan ÇAĞIRGAN
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 615-622
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  14. Influence of Natural Zeolite on Performance of Laying Hens and Egg Quality
    Ergin ÖZTÜRK, Güray ERENER, Musa SARICA
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 623-628
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