Turk J Agric For
E-ISSN: 1303-6173
ISSN: 1300-011X
Year: 1998 Volume: 22 Number: 5
  1. Effect of Paclobutrazol on Vegetative Growth and Fruit Quality of Some Peaches Grown in Samsun
    Şükriye Kurnaz BİLGENER, Hüsnü DEMİRSOY, Neriman BEYHAN
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 425-434
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  2. Operation Research Methods in The Forest Management Planning
    Altay Uğur GÜL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 435-444
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  3. Effects of Pre-Sowing PEG and KH 2 PO 4 Treatments on Germination Emergence and Yield of Carrot
    İbrahim DUMAN, Dursun EŞİYOK
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 445-450
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  4. Effect of Different Field Emergence Rates on the Yield and Qualiyty of Sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.) Grown with and without Thinning
    Ramazan ÇAKMAKÇI, Erol ORAL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 451-462
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  5. The Isolation of Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocoliticaand Yersinia enterocoliticalike Microorganism from Raw Milk Samples.
    Güven URAZ, Nihal YÜCEL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 463-468
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  6. An Investigation About the Distribution and Isolation of Pseudomonas from Raw Milk Samples Obtained from Different Areas
    Güven URAZ, Sumru ÇITAK
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 469-474
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  7. The Pollen Collection Activity and Preference of Honey bees (Apis mellifera) in the Natural Habitat of Antalya and Some Morphological and Quality Properties of Different Pollen Types
    Hasan BAYDAR
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 475-482
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  8. Root-Length Densities of Lentil and Wheat and Measuring Infiltration in the Soil in Different Soil Tillage, Lentil-Wheat versa Fallow-Wheat Rotation Systems under Central Anatolian Conditions
    Didar ESER, M. Sait ADAK, Andreas BIESANTZ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 483-490
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  9. Minimization to be Using of Transport Model of Transportation Costs by Trucks at Artvin Forest District
    H. Hulusi ACAR
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 491-498
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  10. An Investigation on the Transportation by Trucks At Mountainously Regions
    H. Hulusi ACAR
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 499-506
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  11. An Investigation on The Loading and Unloading Operations in Artvin Forest District
    H. Hulusi ACAR
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 507-514
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  12. Effect of Sodium Ascorbate on Some Quality Characteristics of Turkish Pastırma
    Hatice GÜR-YAĞLI, A. Hamdi ERTAŞ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 515-520
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  13. Physical Environment Factors That Influence Human Health in Forest Product Industry
    Önder BARLI
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 521-524
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