Turk J Agric For
E-ISSN: 1303-6173
ISSN: 1300-011X
Year: 1998 Volume: 22 Number: 1
  1. The Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis for Yield and Some Yield Components of Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) in Southeastern Anatolia Ecological Conditions
    Necmi İŞLER, Mehmet Emin ÇALIŞKAN
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 1-10
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  2. The Structure and Suggestions to Solve Problems of Small and Middle-Sized Forest Products Industry Establishments in Trabzon
    Hicabi CINDIK, Kadri Cemil AKYÜZ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 11-12
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  3. Determination of Suitable Forage Crop Species and Their Mixtures for Meadow Establishment
    Yunus SERİN, Ahmet GÖKKUŞ, Mustafa TAN, Ali KOÇ, Binali ÇOMAKLI
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 13-20
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  4. Mechanical Behavior of Joint Connectors on Furniture (Frame Construction) Design
    Yalçın ÖRS, Hasan EFE
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 21-28
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  5. Screw Holding Ability (Sterength) of Wood Materials Used in Furniture Manufacture
    Yalçın ÖRS, Ramazan ÖZEN, Sefer DOĞANAY
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 29-34
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  6. The Effects of Soil Water Deficits on Biochemical Changes of Some Nectarine Cultivars
    Nilüfer KAYNAŞ, Atilla ERİŞ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 35-42
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  7. Determination of Emitter Spacing Based on the Amount of Water Applied and Trickle Discharge Rates
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 43-50
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  8. Research on the Effects of Planting Densities on the Yield of Corm and Cormel in Some Gladiol ( Gladiolus L.) Varieties
    Sevilay N. Günay BAHAR, Aslı Bayçin KORKUT
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 51-58
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  9. Effects of Various Nitrogen Sources and the Levels of Nitrogen on Yield and the Yield Components of the Wheat Cultivar Saraybosna
    Haluk BAŞAR, Zeynal TÜMSAVAS, A. Vahap KATKAT, Ahmet ÖZGÜMÜŞ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 59-64
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  10. Effect of Irrigation Water on Corn Grain Yield in Ankara Conditions
    Y. Ersoy YILDIRIM, Süleyman KODAL
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 65-70
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  11. The Effects of Different Growing Media on Yield, Quality and Growth of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Grown and Irrigated by Drip Irrigation Method Under the Greenhoues Conditions
    Üstün ŞAHİN, Ali ÖZDENİZ, Ayhan ZÜLKADİR, Refik ALAN
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 71-80
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  12. Effect of Various Nitrogen Sources on Yield and Some Properties of Potato Plant
    Sait GEZGİN, Şerife UYANÖZ
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 81-86
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  13. Propagation of Some Seedless Grape Cultivars Trough Embriyo Culture
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 87-92
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  14. Biomass Tables of Beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky)
    Turk J Agric For, 22, (1998), 93-100
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