Turk J Agric For
E-ISSN: 1303-6173
ISSN: 1300-011X
Year: 1997 Volume: 21 Number: 4
  1. Determination of Cadmium Contents of Phosphate Fertilizers and Raw Phosphates
    Ayten KARACA, Koray HAKTANIR
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 327-333
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  2. Verification and Validation of Ceres-Wheat Model Under Çukurova Conditions
    Atilla YAZAR, Metin SEZEN
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 335-343
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  3. Effects of Nutrient Media on the In Vitro Establishment of Shoots of Pistacia Atlantica Desf. Seedling.
    Sebastiana MEDEROS, Maria Isabel TRUJILLO, Isabel LOPEZ
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 345-348
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  4. Water Losses From Different Soil Types Planted to Various Crops
    Rıza KANBER, Atilla YAZAR, Harun KÖKSAL, Sermet ÖNDER, Mustafa ÜNLÜ, Ruhi BAŞTUĞ
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 349-360
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  5. New Phytoseiid Mites (Acarina: Mesostigmata) For Turkish Fauna
    Sultan ÇOBANOĞLU
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 361-370
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  6. The Effects of Cutting at Different Phenological Stages to Shoot and Root Development and Forage Yield of Annual Medics
    Suzan ALTINOK, Ahmet ERAÇ, Ralph C. MARTIN
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 371-378
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  7. Determination of Considerable Parameters Affecting Specific Ploughing Resistance
    H. Güçlü YAVUZCAN
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 379-385
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  8. The Effects of Contract Farming on the Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations: With Specific Reference to Tomato Production for Paste Industry in Ege Region in Turkey
    Taner KUMUK, Güven ÖZENİR
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 387-392
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  9. Effect of Adjuvant Oils on Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl Activity on Blackgrass Seedlings
    Sevil AĞAR, Richard M. WILKINS
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 393-396
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  10. Use of Commercial Hybrids as a Genetic Resource for Breeding Monogerm Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Varieties
    Mustafa ERDAL, Ekrem GÜREL
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 397-402
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  11. Effect of Chloride and Partial Replacement of Nitrate by Reduced Forms of Nitrogen on Nitrate, Total-N and Chloride Content of Onion (Allium cepa L.)
    Ali İNAL, Aydın GÜNEŞ, Mehmet AKTAŞ
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 403-406
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  12. Thermal Characteristics of a Solar Kiln at the 41° N Latitude
    Kemal ÜÇÜNCÜ
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 407-411
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  13. Rural Population-Environment Relations and A Case Study From Turkey
    Osman GÖKÇE
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 413-418
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  14. Direct Nucleotide Sequencing of Citrus Exocortis Viroid (CEV)
    Nükhet ÖNELGE
    Turk J Agric For, 21, (1997), 419-422
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