The Relationships Between Some Ecological and Chemical Properties and Enzyme Activities in Soils of Soguksu National Park

Authors: Sevinç ARCAK, Koray HAKTANIR, Ayten KARACA

Abstract: Variations in acid and alkaline phosphatase and catalase enzyme activities in relation to altitude and pine forest vegatation in soils of Soguksu National Park were examined. Twenty-one samples were collected from surface soil (0-5 cm) at altitudes at 25 m intervals. Correlation coefficients were calculated between soil moisture, organic matter content, total-N, CEC, available P and K, altitude and the three enzyme activities. Significant positive correlations were recorded between acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, catalase activity and the soil properties such as organic matter content, total-N, CEC, available P and K, soil moisture. A significant negative correlation was determined between altitude and enzyme activities. The results of the research indicated that enzyme activities were affected depending on altitude from which soil samples were taken.